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Skytech's on-site equipment

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The TM-2 provides all the advantages of the original Haas TM-1 Toolroom Mill plus longer travels and the new Haas Intuitive Milling System software. The TM-2 has generous travels of 40" x 16" x 16" XYZ. The unenclosed design (CE-approved guarding is optional in the U.S.) and standard T-slots simplify clamping of oversized and odd-shaped parts. Brushless servomotors on all axes provide precise positioning, and a one-piece cast-iron base/column damps vibration and gives rigidity for heavy cuts. The TM-2 features a 4,000-rpm, 7.5-hp (peak) vector drive spindle that uses standard 40-taper tooling.

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Trax TRL 1630sx

  • Optional Constant Surface Speed (CSS) Programming
  • 16” Swing, 30” between centers
  • Height of Bed-12.6"
  • Spindle through hole-2.12"
  • Maximum rapid feed X - 100 Maximum rapid feed Z - 150
  • Spindle speed range (RPM)-150-2500
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    HAAS VF1

    The Haas VF-1 vertical machining center has 20" x 16" x 20" (508 x 406 x 508 mm) XYZ travels. and is built utilizing all American-made cast-iron components. The VF-1 has a 40-taper cartridge spindle driven by a 20-hp vector dual-drive (Y-Delta) motor. The VF-1 produces either 75 ft-lb of torque at a low 1,400 rpm, or 250 ft-lb at 450 rpm with the optional 2-speed gearbox -- and will also run up to 7,500 rpm in 1.2 seconds for finishing aluminum.

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    Clausing Metosa SM1440VS

  • Swing over bed 14.17"(360mm)
  • Swing over carriage 7.79"(335mm)
  • Bed width 9.84"(250mm)
  • Center height over bed 7.09"(180mm)
  • Spindle bore 1.65"(42mm)
  • X&Z Feed rate 0"-394" (0-1000)
  • Crosslide width 6.3"(160mm)
  • Crosslide travel 7.09"(180mm)
  • Tailstock quill travel 7.87"(200mm)
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    Bridgeport Series 2 Vertical Mill

  • Taper : Table 965 x 380 mm
  • Traverses X - 30" Y - 12" Z - 6"
  • Manual) 150 mm (Quill) : Speeds 40 - 4000 rpm

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    TESA Micro-Hite 3D

  • Fast and easy workpiece alignment
  • Point-to-point part probing or manual scanning
  • ZMouse for significant time savings
  • Fine adjust device
  • TESA-REFLEX MH3D software
  • TESASTAR with adjustable trigger force
  • Indexable TESASTAR -i Pic 1


  • Table working surface of 42 x 13".
  • Range: longitudinal (x) 31", cross (y) 14", vertical, knee (manual) 15", quill (Z) 6" Throat distance 14"
  • Distance, table to spindle - up at gage line 4.5-19.5"
  • Maximum uniform table load 800 lbs
  • Infinitely variable spindle speeds (2 ranges) 70-3,800 RPM
  • Spindle taper CAT # 40
  • Feed rate, all axes 400 ipm 5 HP spindle drive motor.
  • 6X12 Surface Grinder

    50 Ton Hydraulic H Frame Press